FITWIZ C-Curve Neck Massager
FITWIZ C-Curve Neck Massager
FITWIZ C-Curve Neck Massager
FITWIZ C-Curve Neck Massager
FITWIZ C-Curve Neck Massager
FITWIZ C-Curve Neck Massager
FITWIZ C-Curve Neck Massager
FITWIZ C-Curve Neck Massager

FITWIZ C-Curve Neck Massager

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FITWIZ C-Curve Neck Massager Will Ease Your Life!

Introducing a new method to relief your neck pain and giving you a relaxing sensation at the same time! This is FITWIZ C-Curve Neck Massager! An innovative way to imitate a normal human hand gesture during the massage.

Just put this product under your neck and repeatedly turn your head slowly from left to right. The best part of this product, it did not just only relief your neck tension and soreness, but it also improves your mental performance and elevates your mood so you will have a good day.

Set yourself free. Let all the stress on your neck go with FITWIZ C-Curve Neck Massager.

  • Relieves Stress & Headaches - This 10 minutes exercise will help you relieve your stress and headaches. Those relaxing points will trigger the nerve to be relaxed.
  • Helping Neck and Shoulder Pain - That tension that accumulates between the vertebrae makes you feel the pain around it. This will help it to release the tension from that area hence make your pain disappear.
  • Less Time Consume - You don't need to spend so much time on this. All you need is 10 mints to sit or lay down and roll over your neck on this product. 
  • Portable - Bring this anywhere! It small, it's light and you can use it everywhere and anytime you want.


  • Material: Polyurethane 100%, High-density memory foam
  • Size: 24 cm x 21 cm x 13 cm
  • Type: Massage and Relaxation
  • Colour: Blue, Pink & Green


  • 1 x C-Curve Neck Massager


1. Find a position that you prefer, either lying down on a flat surface or leaning backward on a sofa or your chair.

2. Place the product right under your neck and make yourself comfortable with it.

3. Slowly turn your neck from left to right and repeatedly. You will experience a touchpoint on your neck. Do it slowly.


  • Do it slowly on the first hand. If it causes you a lot of pain, please stop using it and seek a doctor's advice.

100% Money-Back Guarantee*


Q: Will there be any effect on my posture?

A: Yes, it will improve your posture and help you correct it.

Q: Can it be washed or cleaned?

A: Yes, you can wash the product and also sanitized it.

Q: What is the best time for FITWIZ C-Curve Neck Massager?

A: Anytime as long as you are free. As it takes only a short period of time, you can make use of your free time to help you ease your neck pain.

*Please refer to our Refund Policy page