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FitWiz Comfort-Lift Knee Support™
silicone knee pad for joint pain
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FitWiz Comfort-Lift Knee Support™

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Ultra-Slim Knee Pad For Ultimate Support

Our FitWiz Comfort-Lift Knee Support™ offers full support and helps to relieve knee joint pain. It also relieves common knee injuries including Arthritis, Meniscus Tear, Muscle Pain, and Runner’s Knee. This knee pad is the perfect support for you since it eases your burden while doing daily tasks.

FitWiz Comfort-Lift Knee Support™ is comfortable and easy to wear. It is made of high-quality silicone that can fit your knees without curling on the top. It inlays with 10 magnets to improve your blood circulation and metabolism, otherwise known as magnetic therapy. Featured with ultra-thin elastic knee support, it stays invisibly fit under your pants or tights. 

  • gives knee a second skin

    FitWiz Comfort-Lift Knee Support™ is made of high-quality soft silica gel material that looks and feels like your second skin. The material fits firmly onto knee with the right amount of compression to ease the pressure knee. With its high elasticity, even if it’s stretched out, it will return to its original shape in no time without getting loose!

  • Slip-resistant and full knee support

    Featured with a skin-like textured silicone, FitWiz Comfort-Lift Knee Support™ will stay secure with its firm compression and provide supports while you are in movement. The knee cap area is hollowed out, to offer full flexibility on knee movements which is crucial when walking, doing sports, workout, or any kinds of activities.


    It has 10 magnets that massage the muscle around your knees to improve blood circulation. FitWiz Comfort-Lift Knee Support™ protects the sore points of the knee and helps soothe muscles and joint pain. It is ideal if you have common knee injuries such as Arthritis, Meniscus Tear, Muscle Pain, and Runner’s Knee.

  • invisible fit with minimal bulk

    Designed to be ultra-thin elastic knee pads, it stays invisible under your pants while keeping your knee comfortable. Suitable for any type of pants, like running pants, yoga pants, leggings, and more! Best for anyone who prefers the discreetness under the sleeves. 

  • Improve leg stability

    It helps with leg stability and helps to prevent injuries while performing sports, workout, or other kinds of activities.  

  • waterproof and sweat-proof

    Designed to be waterproof and it is convenient for daily uses and water sports.

  • one size fits all

    FitWiz Comfort-Lift Knee Support™ has one size that fits all! Worry no more about the accuracies of measuring your knee circumferences. Simply get one and it will fit your knee like magic!


      • Material:Silicone + Magnetic ore SEBS
      • color:Skin Color
      • product benefits:Massages Muscle For Blood Circulation Improvement, Soothes Muscle & Joint Pain, Helps Prevent Injuries
1. Please allow 1-2 centimeters difference due to manual measurement.
2. Different screen display colors differently, the color of the actual item may vary slightly from images.
        • 1x FitWiz Comfort-Lift Knee Support™
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Q: Are they waterproof?
A: Yes, FitWiz Comfort-Lift Knee Support™ is waterproof and you may clean it with water and air dry it.

Q: Is there a definite size to fit into these knee pads?
A: No, FitWiz Comfort-Lift Knee Support™ fits all sizes.

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