InnWiz Cover-N-Seal Paste™
effect of toilet bowl after fixing with repair agent
tiles, bowl and toilet after fixing with repair agent
toilet bowl and wall after using repair agent
applying repair agent paste on the wall
hands mixing repair agent paste
man applying repair agent on floor tile
feet stepping on ceramic tile
scraper scoping out tile repair agent paste
mixing repair agent paste together
bucket of water pouring over tiles
repair agent on tile, stone, ceramic, concrete, wood and marble
package includes agent A and agent B of repair agent
50g and 100g repair agent
100g of repair agent

InnWiz Cover-N-Seal Paste™

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Restore broken ceramic seamlessly with this powerful repair agent!

Getting frustrated when there's a crack in your bathtub? Discovering a crack on the floor or on the wall? Over time, our house needs maintenance and it cost a lot to get them fixed by professionals. Instead of changing to new ones which will cost a lot, why not fix them with a simple solution that makes them look brand new again? 

InnWiz Cover-N-Seal Paste™ is a quick, easy, mess-free and great way to repair the bathroom or kitchen sink, bathtub, or floors with no marks left behind. It effectively seals and repairs broken surfaces with extra strong bonding strength. The paste is made of non-toxic material that is safe to use in indoor areas. It restores the beauty of your floors, household items or even walls. Let's get it now!

    • Effective diy Repair
      InnWiz Cover-N-Seal Paste™ effectively seals and repair broken surfaces with extra strong bonding strength. This powerful repair agent restores back to a beautiful new surface!
      Seamless repair with amazing results. Perfectly seal and cover the cracks to be nearly invisible.
      The paste is white in color that is great for household items like the bathroom sink, bathtub or floor, etc. No obvious marks will be left after repair.It takes only 10 minutes to repair small cracks or scratches. All cracks would be advised to let it cure for 24 hours before sanding it.
       The thick creamy paste has strong adhesion stickiness that can securely hold the joints of the components. It provides a strong and flexible layer of protection. It is not brittle, has a strong bearing capacity and will not break easily. This forms a powerful seamless bond that is so unnoticeable to the eye. Repairs in a few simple steps- All you need is to mix Cream A and Cream B together in a 1:1 portion, apply them to the damaged area, cure for 24 hours then smoothen the surface.  This is made with a waterproof quick-dry formula that makes it dries up instantly. Once the repair agent paste is cured, no amount of water will be able to pass through. Suitable for repairing chips, and holes for any porcelain ceramic surface like tub, tile, shower, bathtub, vanities, sink, and more. It can be used on tile, stone, ceramic, concrete, wood and marble.
    • Material:Ceramic Paste
    • size options:50g/100g
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      • 1 Set x InnWiz Cover-N-Seal Paste™ (Cream A & Cream B)
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Q: Do I have to mix both Cream A and Cream B together for it to work?
A: Yes. Please remember to mix 1:1 ratio of both Cream A and Cream B to activate the paste.

Q: Does it work for small scratches too?
A: Yes, it can even make scratches look invisible!

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