turbo shower head with magic waterline is gentle on skin
turbo shower head has unique propeller-driven design
woman is enjoy showering with ezi-360 rainshower
turbo shower head has 99 water outlet holes to disperse water in high pressure
comparison between turbo shower head and other showerheads
comparison between turbo shower head and other showerheads
turbo shower head has massaging effect and is good to skin
turbo shower head is 360 degrees rotatable
turbo shower head has flow control button to stop water flow
turbo shower head rotate button to adjust low or strong water flow
turbo shower head cotton filter for cleaner water
diagram shows how cotton filter in turbo shower head purifies the water
lady showering with turbo shower head
turbo shower head can be controlled easily with the button
measurement for turbo shower head
package includes 1x turbo shower head including 1x cotton filter
turbo shower head in yellow variant
turbo shower head in blue variant
turbo shower head in pink variant
3 pieces of turbo shower head cotton filter

InnWiz Ezi-360 RainShower™

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Enjoy 2x Shower Pressure With The 360° Propeller-Driven Shower Head

Enhance your shower experience to a spa-like shower experience at home with InnWiz Ezi-360 RainShower. Ideal for anyone! Just a few minutes of showering can relax and soothe you from exhaustion! No plumber needed. Easy to install to any standard shower hoses. A mind-blowing and innovative step to transform a daily routine into so much more.

Featuring a turbo pressured fan and a combination of H20 laser perforated technology to double up water pressure and to save water at the same time. Determine water flow and water pressure anytime by switching the button. Adjust InnWiz Ezi-360 RainShower to the desired position as it rotates 360°, allowing you to take a shower with ease without having to hold it in your hand.

  • unique propeller-driven design

    Powerful jet water mode, fan turbocharge water flow. Unlike the traditional showerhead, InnWiz Ezi-360 RainShower™ can help you clean up soap bubbles on hair in just a few seconds! Also, an excellent choice for pet showers. All of this is achievable with just one button!

  • high-pressure shower head

    Increases your water pressure up to 200% and reduces water consumption by 35%. InnWiz Ezi-360 RainShower’s micro-holes force dispense the water out at a much high pressure. Instantly transforms your shower experience significantly by giving out a more powerful shower whilst using lesser water.

  • massaging effect

    InnWiz Ezi-360 RainShower dispenses water in the form of a net water jet that gently touches your body while showering. Helps to relax muscles, promotes blood circulation, and improves skin appearance.

  • 360° rotatable shower head

    Made of high-quality ABS material and stainless-steel panel, environmental-friendly and high durability. Able to rotate 360° and swing up/down 60° flexibly. Shower at ease without having to hold the shower head in your hand!

  • flow control button

    The push button allows you to stop or change water flow from the shower head anytime without hassle. Lather up with your favorite shampoo at your own leisure. It couldn’t be easier!

  • top-notch cotton filter

    Thanks to the special cotton filter, water will always be crystal clear. Significantly reduces chlorine and fluoride, toxins, heavy metals, bacteria, pesticides, rust, and odors in the shower water. Enhances water purification and maintains water pH balance.

  • Fit Most shower hose sizes

    As quick and easy as other shower heads installation. You don’t need a plumber to install InnWiz Ezi-360 RainShower! Simply screw onto any G1 / 2 thread shower hose. Able to fit into most standard shower hose easily.

    • Material:Stainless Steel + ABS Material
    • COLOR:Yellow, Blue, Pink
1. Please allow 1-2 centimetres difference due to manual measurement.
2. Different screens display colors differently, the color of the actual item may vary slightly from images.
      • 1x  InnWiz Ezi-360 RainShower™
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FAQQ: How long do we have to change the cotton filter?
A: On average, the cotton filter’s lifespan is between 6 to 12 months depending on the water quality in your area (as tested by our customers). But it is recommended to change the filter every 3 months.

Q: Would it fit my shower hose?
A: Yes. Simply screw InnWiz Ezi-360 RainShower onto any standard shower hose.

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