woman cleaning her ear with ezi-clean ear kit
woman digging earwax with ezi-clean ear kit
ezi-clean ear kit's 3 modes to remove earwax comfortably
size comparison between q-tip and ezi-clean ear kit
comparison between q-tip and ezi-clean ear kit
ezi-clean ear kit is durable and rust-resistant
man clean ears with ezi-clean ear kit
ezi-clean ear kit is waterproof sealant and travel-friendly
ezi-clean ear kit is easy to use and easy to use
measurement for each tools in ezi-clean ear kit
package includes one ezi-clean ear kit
black variant ezi-clean ear kit
yellow variant ezi-clean ear kit

InnWiz Ezi-Clean Ear Kit™

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Complete Tool Set To Clean Ear Canal and Stop The Itch

Itchy ears and oily earwax can be unbearable. Q-tips or cotton buds are known to remove earwax, but it may not be able to clean thoroughly or relieving the itch inside the ear canal. If you are looking for a tool set that does the best in removing earwax and massage ear canal, InnWiz Ezi-Clean Ear Kit™ is the solution. Comes in seven variety tools to remove stubborn earwax.

These ergonomic tools are made of medical-grade stainless steel with ABS plastic that’s durable and anti-rust. Specially designed to remove earwax, relieve itchiness, and prevent scratch on skin. With its compact size and comes in a casing with key ring. Just attach it onto traveling bag, keychains for car keys. Suitable for daily use or travel use.

  • 7 variety tools to remove stubborn earwaxRegular Q-tips are known to push dirt and earwax back into the ear canal. Our Innwiz Ezi-Clean Ear Kit™ is the instant ear relief that consists of 7 earwax removal tools that can be combined to achieve the cleanest results.
  • medical-grade stainless steelInnwiz Ezi-Clean Ear Kit™ are made of medical-grade stainless steel that is durable and rust-resistant. It’s easy to clean and disinfect.
  • ergonomic design

    With our ergonomic earwax removal tools, it’s all polished professionally. Smooth and rounded, you can clean the ears without scratching or having irritation.

  • compact and portableCompact by design, this case box is waterproof sealing, travel-friendly, and can be easily open with just a twist. Just hang it with key chains, bags, car keys, or anywhere that’s convenient for you to reach.
  • easy to cleanRinse the earwax removal tools with soap and water before and after usage. Sterilize the tools with rubbing alcohol to ensure there is no dirt attached to the tools.


      • Material:ABS Plastic + Medical Grade Stainless Steel
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        • 1x InnWiz Ezi-Clean Ear Kit™ (Yellow/Black)
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Q: Can I use this Innwiz Ezi-Clean Ear Kit™ daily?
A: You can use this Innwiz Ezi-Clean Ear Kit™ at any time when needed, to remove earwax or if there is any discomfort in the ear canal.  

Q: If my ear is very itchy and I can feel pain, can I use this tool? 
A: If persistent itch and pain can be felt inside of ear, please seek medical / doctor’s advice.

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