InnWiz Ezi-Cutter™
InnWiz Ezi-Cutter™
InnWiz Ezi-Cutter™
InnWiz Ezi-Cutter™
InnWiz Ezi-Cutter™
InnWiz Ezi-Cutter™
InnWiz Ezi-Cutter™
InnWiz Ezi-Cutter™
InnWiz Ezi-Cutter™
InnWiz Ezi-Cutter™
InnWiz Ezi-Cutter™
InnWiz Ezi-Cutter™

InnWiz Ezi-Cutter™

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Tired of cleaning the messy countertop every time you cut the fruits or vegetable with a knife and cutting board? It can take a long period of time to cut and prepare all the materials before cooking. InnWiz Ezi-Cutter™, is going to revolutionise your kitchen with the way it chops through anything in seconds easily. The sharp blade and wide mouth design makes it easy, fast and mess-free to cut foods. 

InnWiz Ezi-Cutter™ can help cutting foods and ingredients straight into the bowl or pan easily. No more troublesome transfers from the cutting board which causes excess scraps and making your kitchen a mess. This can be a great helper to boost your cooking experience, a great replacement for a cutting board and knife.

InnWiz Ezi-Cutter™  has a safety locking latch that allows you to keep it closed while you are not using to ensure safety, especially for those who have kids. The InnWiz Ezi-Cutter™ is also equipped with non-slip grips, so that you can hold it comfortably and firmly on your hands while using it. It is specially designed to be compact for easy storing it into any kitchen cabinet or drawer. Get one now and start having a mess-free, fast and easy food cutting experience.

    • CUT AND SLICE EASILY The combination of the razor sharp stainless steel blade and a premium cutting-board makes cutting, slicing or dicing easy and fast. It works great on cutting vegetables, fruits, meats, cheese and more!
      • MULTIPURPOSE InnWiz Ezi-Cutter™ is the ideal cutter to cut various types of food such fruits, vegetables, chicken wings, ribs and much more. The stainless steel spring suspension in the cutter makes it more flexible and easy to cut without feeling tired. The built-in cutting board is made by high-quality plastic which is sturdy and wearproof.
        Do not cut food that is larger than the opening of the cutter.
        • ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED The ergonomically designed handle helps on providing a more stable, firm and comfortable hold to the cutter while using. This cutter can be dismantle to sharpen the knife or to be used as a regular knife.
        • SAFE AND CONVENIENT It has a safety locking latch on the bottom of the knife to keep the cutter closed while not in use to ensure safety. With its compact size, it can be stored in any kitchen drawer. It is also dishwasher safe so it can be cleaned easily.
        • Blyke B., USA"I worked in a small restaurant and I loved this product! It has shorten our meal prep time during peak hours as it cut foods like vegetables, fruits and meats so quickly with the sharp blade."
          • Material:Metal + Plastic
          • Color:Black
          • Product Size: 9.6" x 1.1" x 3.9" (24.5CM x 2.8CM x 10CM)
1. Please allow 1-2 centimeters difference due to manual measurement.
2. Different screen display colors differently, the color of the actual item may vary slightly from images.
            • 1x InnWiz Ezi-Cutter™
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FAQQ: How can I clean this cutter?
A: It is dishwasher safe. You can also dismantle the knife out to clean.

Q: What is the biggest size of food it can cut?
A: It can cut most foods that is smaller than the opening of the cutter. [Foods sized smaller then 3.9"(10CM)]

Q: How to sharpen it?
A: Remove the blade and it can be sharpen using any knife sharpener.

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