InnWiz Ezi-Door Stopper™
InnWiz Ezi-Door Stopper™
InnWiz Ezi-Door Stopper™
InnWiz Ezi-Door Stopper™
InnWiz Ezi-Door Stopper™
InnWiz Ezi-Door Stopper™
InnWiz Ezi-Door Stopper™
InnWiz Ezi-Door Stopper™
InnWiz Ezi-Door Stopper™
InnWiz Ezi-Door Stopper™
InnWiz Ezi-Door Stopper™
InnWiz Ezi-Door Stopper™
InnWiz Ezi-Door Stopper™
InnWiz Ezi-Door Stopper™
InnWiz Ezi-Door Stopper™

InnWiz Ezi-Door Stopper™

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Tired of unexpected door slams? Ezi-Door Stopper is the one-stop solution you’ll need! Featured with a robust magnetic stopper that easily grabs any moving door without breaking the wall. Greatly prevent and protect children and pets from getting their fingers or paw stuck in the door.

Install the magnetic door stopper with two methods - either paste with 3M adhesive stickers for screw-free and easy fix or drill for permanent, yet stable results. Super strong sticker that can last long, even with frequent door slam. This modern and flat design allows anyone to clean any spaces easily without feeling obstructive. Order this solid, durable and waterproof door stopper and enjoy today!

    • ROBUST MAGNETIC STOPPER Having a door that frequently gets caught by the wind and slams shut? Engineered with a powerful magnet with instant soft click, this door stopper conveniently opens the door for as long as you want.
      • 2 INSTALLATION METHODS Drill for a permanent, stable result or paste the door stopper with a 3M adhesive sticker for faster and drill-free installtaion. The adhesive stickers are strong enough to last for years and avoid any sudden door shuts.

Install with 3M Adhesive Sticker

Use the magnetic door stopper after 24 hours to ensure the 3M stickers paste firmly on the door and floor.

Install with Screws

      • CHILDREN AND PET-FRIENDLY Let pets and children move around freely without getting hindered by a door stopper! The flat magnetic door attacher allows anyone to walk past the door without hurting their fingers and feet.
      • INVISIBLE CATCH STOPPER With its neat, flat and discreet design, no one will notice there is a stopper on the door and floor. Easy to clean the floor without having any door stopper that sticks out on the wall.
      • STAINLESS STEEL WATERPROOF Made with high-quality stainless steel, the magnetic door stopper is solid, durable, waterproof and will not rust easily.
Pieck Brows., USA"Bought these magnets and they work better than I was hoping. They’re strong enough to hold the door."
      • WIDE APPLICATION It’s perfect to be installed on bathrooms, living rooms, offices, bedrooms or other rooms and spaces. The design can easily match with any interior of a modern home.
        Special Note:
        This product is suitable for doors with a height of 5-12mm only. If the height of your door seam exceeds 12mm, this product will not be applicable. Please measure the height of your door seam before placing order.
        • Material: Premium Alloy / Stainless Steel (Silver)
        • Color: Green Bronze / Yellow Bronze / Red Bronze / Black / Silver (Stainless Steel)
        • Product Size: 2.5 Inches x 0.5 Inches x 1.49 Inches (65MM x 13MM x 38MM)
1. Please allow 1-2 centimeters difference due to manual measurement.
2. Different screen display colors differently, the color of the actual item may vary slightly from images.
          • 1x InnWiz Ezi-Door Stopper™
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Q: How much is the gap that I should maintain between the floor and door?
A: We recommended the distance between the door seam and floor should be between 5mm and 15mm (0.2 Inch to 0.6 Inch).

Q: Will this work on carpet?
A: It is highly recommended to use the screw methods to install this magnetic door stopper. Most importantly, please ensure the gap between door seam and floor is about 5mm to 15mm (0.2 Inches to 0.6 Inches)

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