white tile pen of InnWiz Ezi-Grout Liner
a before and after picture after using tile grout pen
a professional cleaner cleaning tile and grout floor
a waterproof and stainproof grout tile pen applying on floor
a baby girl crawling on the wooden tile floor
HOW TO USE InnWiz Ezi-Grout Liner
widely applicable to different rooms in the houses, from washroom to fireplace tiles
7 color variants  of InnWiz Ezi-Grout Liner tile pen
measurements for InnWiz Ezi-Grout Liner tile pen
beige color of InnWiz Ezi-Grout Liner
brown color of InnWiz Ezi-Grout Liner
 gray of InnWiz Ezi-Grout Liner
dark gray of InnWiz Ezi-Grout Liner
tan color of InnWiz Wzi-Grout Liner
fawn color of InnWiz Ezi-Grout Liner

InnWiz Ezi-Grout Liner™

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Give Your Tiles a New Makeover & Look New Again

Tired of the old grout and can’t afford to hire a professional to re-grout? InnWiz Ezi-Grout Liner™ is the affordable, quick solution for any homeowners or renters who want to give their tiles a new makeover! Works like a magic marker, just press the nib down precisely to the grout and give an aesthetic touch for your space.

No more endless scrubbing to keep the grout clean. This waterproof and stain-proof grout pen protect grout against stains and dirt for a long time. Featured with liquid-based ink, it’s environmentally friendly, non-toxic, anti-bacterial and quick dry. Comes with 7 easy-matching colors to completely spruce up the look of a tiled bathroom, kitchen, or even fireplace. Get them today!

    • Restore a New Grout Look
      Give the dingy grout a new makeover with InnWiz Ezi-Grout Liner™! It works similarly like a magic marker (but works much better) and creates a neat, cohesive and stunning color coating between existing grout lines and tiles. Anyone can do this!
    • Cost-SavingsCan’t afford to add new grout and re-tile the whole bathroom? InnWiz Ezi-Grout Liner™ is an affordable solution to turn old grout with a fresh look. You can achieve the same results of permanent tile, water-resistant paint without spending much on costly services. 
    • Waterproof and Stain-proof 
      Save the hassles from battling gross grout and endless clean scrubbing. This liquid-based ink pen is waterproof and creates a strong coating that protects the grout against dark spots and stains for a long time.
    • Safe to UseWith its advanced formula, this grout pen is designed to be non-toxic, odorless, anti-moist and eco-friendly. Make a safe and healthy environment for your pets and family members.
    • Widely Applicable

      This grout pen can easily be used on the shower, kitchen, sinks, bathroom, floor, fireplace tile or windows. Any room or space with tiles is applicable.

    • Comes in 7 Variety of Colors
      Redecorate the grout color with 7 varieties of colors such as beige, brown, gray, white and more. Any colors will automatically add a fresh, updated aesthetic to your room!
      • COLORS:White, Beige, Brown, Gray, Dark Gray, Tan, Fawn
      • measurement:
1. Different screen display colors differently, the color of the actual item may vary slightly from images.
2. Please allow 1-2 inches difference due to manual measurement.
    • 1 x InnWiz Ezi-Grout Liner™
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Q: Does this fill in the small cracks in the grout, or just to draw lines on the grout?
A: InnWiz Ezi-Grout Liner™ is a paint marker specifically for grout. You will need to fill in the cracks or gaps in the grout first and use InnWiz Ezi-Grout Liner™ for new clean appearances. 

Q: How do I remove the paint if I don’t like the color?
A: Please consider the color properly before applying into your grout. InnWiz Ezi-Grout Liner™ is a permanent grout-paint marker and cannot be removed. You can cover the color with another InnWiz Ezi-Grout Liner™ color of your choice for another option. 

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