Create white and clean tiles by using the tile refill agent
Fills up tile grout cracks and holes like a pro.
Refresh tiles into fresh and white grouts.
Stain-proof protection that prevents wine, coffee stains and food coloring.
Prevent greasy and oily stains, water or rain.
This tile refill agent protect tiles against mold and mildew growth.
How to apply tile refill agent
Waterproof and durable tile in bathroom and kitchen
Bathtub, kitchen wall, bathroom toilet tiles after applying tile refiller.
Sink tiles, porch tiles and other areas after using tile refiller.
Measurement for tile refill agent
This package includes 1x tile refill agent.

InnWiz Fill N Renew Grouter™

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Refresh Old Grout with an Anti-Mold Grout Solution

Keep the grout clean, protected and maintained at its best with InnWiz Fill N Renew Grouter™! Save the money from calling the professionals, you can easily DIY grout without renovating the entire bathroom. This grout sealer can be both decorative and protective, act as a sealer to fill the gaps between tiles and prevent mold growth.

This easy-to-apply grout sealer provides a tapered nozzle for precise application over damaged tiles. Formulated with waterproof and high durability sealer, it can protect grout against mildew and withstand any tough situations. Widely applicable on sinks, tiles, toilet, bathtub and more. Get one today and give any old and tired looking bathroom a new, finished look!

      • Fill Grout Cracks and Holes Like A Pro
        Why hire a professional when grout can be done by yourself? Save the pennies and time, this ready-to-use tile refill agent provides a tight seal on any cracked tiles with an ultra-satin finish. Anyone can do it!
      • Stain-Proof Protection

        Protect the grout from getting stained! This tile sealing agent provides a superior stain protection and block all stains, oil and dirt to go through the tiles.

      • Mold and Mildew-Proof Sealant
        Keep the mold at bay with InnWiz Fill N Renew Grouter™! This sealer protects not only grout, but also gives a new and clean look on bathroom tiles. Seal grout effectively against mold and mildew growth.
      • Easy ApplicationRepair loose, cracked or damaged grout in any tiles with One Squeeze. Designed with a tapered nozzle, it ensures a steady supply of products that come out smoothly and precise application
      • How to Use:

        1. 1. Clean and remove the old grout
        2. 2. Apply the tile refill agent on the grout
        3. 3. Let the grout dry for at least 24 hours
      • Waterproof and Durable
        InnWiz Fill N Renew Grouter™ is a high-quality waterproof grout that can withstand and hold up under the most demanding conditions. High durability for any long-term usage or tile project.
      • Widely UsableSuitable for all kinds of floor tiles. Commonly used for bathtub, bathroom toilet tiles, kitchen wall and sink tiles, porch tiles and other areas with cracked grout etc. 
          • Material:Silicone
          • measurement:6.3" x 2.3" (16CM x6CM)

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                • 1x InnWiz Fill N Renew Grouter™
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Q: How do I have to wait for it to dry and clean the bathroom tiles?
A: It is recommended to wait for more than 24 hours to dry before using the bathroom. 

Q: My shower tile grout is cracking; can I use this to fix it?
A: Yes, definitely. InnWiz Tile Refill Agent will seal and repair the cracks and dries up immediately. 

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