InnWiz Flexi ScrewArm™
InnWiz Flexi ScrewArm™
InnWiz Flexi ScrewArm™
InnWiz Flexi ScrewArm™
InnWiz Flexi ScrewArm™
InnWiz Flexi ScrewArm™
InnWiz Flexi ScrewArm™
InnWiz Flexi ScrewArm™
InnWiz Flexi ScrewArm™
InnWiz Flexi ScrewArm™
InnWiz Flexi ScrewArm™
InnWiz Flexi ScrewArm™
InnWiz Flexi ScrewArm™
InnWiz Flexi ScrewArm™
InnWiz Flexi ScrewArm™

InnWiz Flexi ScrewArm™

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Worrying how to remove and tighten screws from a confined space? InnWiz Flexible Drilling Kit is the ultimate solution. The shaft extension enables 360° rotation, bend and twist at many angles into any awkward spaces. Made from chrome vanadium steel, it has higher durability than carbon steel.

Suitable for computer chassis, shelves, cabinets, and other places where a normal screwdriver is unreachable. The black casing grip is comfortable to grip and remains firm while the mechanism rotates. Connect to any existing cordless, pneumatic, torque and electric screwdrivers. Let this drilling kit solve your installation and repair problems with minimal efforts.

    • 360° FLEXIBLE SHAFT The shaft extension is soft and flexible, it can easily bend, twist and create 360° rotation to get the screwdriver reach in any tight spots.
      • COST-SAVING Compatible use with your existing cordless screwdrivers, a pneumatic screwdriver, torque drill and electric screwdrivers.
      • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL Made from chrome vanadium steel, it has better strength and toughness than carbon steel. Great material for high-quality tools.
      • PREVENT INJURIES The flexible black casings prevent any hand hurt or injuries. Enables you to complete work comfortably.
      • REACHABLE TO SMALL SPACES Narrow spaces like doorknobs, car repairs, bookshelves, or other confined spots can be easily reached without hassles. This drilling kit is a great gift idea for anyone who may need to work on handy projects, home installations and repairs.
Benson M., USA"They are perfect for those hard to reach spots where you can’t reach in with your drill, and even an extension doesn’t work due to obstructions. Very handy and a must have for making your life easier."
      • TIME-SAVING Produce top-notch craftsmanship without struggling to stick your hands out in tiny spots. This tool allows more completion of work in a shorter time. Suitable for furniture installation, electrical appliances, machine disassembly, car repair, maintenance work, DIY, home and other routine work.
        • VARIETY HEX DRILL BIT Depending on your machinery needs, the kit includes ten different types of hex shank drill bits, including notched, plum and cross. Two variants are available.
          • Material: Chrome Vanadium Steel
          • Shank Size: 1/4 Shank
          • Product Size(Shaft Length): 295MM / 11.61 Inches
1. Please allow 1-2 centimeters difference due to manual measurement.
2. Different screen display colors differently, the color of the actual item may vary slightly from images.
            • 1x InnWiz Flexi ScrewArm™ + Type-T Drill Bit Head
              1x InnWiz Flexi ScrewArm™ + Type-H Drill Bit Head
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Q: Is it compatible with any cordless screwdriver? 
A: Yes, the drilling kit is suitable to use with cordless screwdriver, pneumatic screwdrivers, torque drill, electric screwdrivers with a shank of 1/4".

Q: Can this connect with an impact drill?
A: No, it can't be connect with an impact drill.

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