InnWiz Magnet Latch™
InnWiz Magnet Latch™
InnWiz Magnet Latch™
InnWiz Magnet Latch™
InnWiz Magnet Latch™
InnWiz Magnet Latch™
InnWiz Magnet Latch™
InnWiz Magnet Latch™
InnWiz Magnet Latch™
InnWiz Magnet Latch™
InnWiz Magnet Latch™

InnWiz Magnet Latch™

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Loose hinges can be the issue of every household. Some doors, drawers, windows and cabinets in your house can be difficult to shut it tightly. This may cause unnecessary gaps which are irritating and harm as well.

InnWiz Magnet Latch™ is the ultimate solution! Introducing the powerful magnetic patch that can help to shut almost everything and anything in the house tightly. It works well on all surfaces and convenient to install!

InnWiz Magnet Latch™ is very easy to install. Just tear off the adhesive tape protector and tape it on your cabinet, door or drawer. The adhesive tape is strong enough to keep this magnetic stopper sticks on the cabinet without having to drill screws in it. Get one now and close all your cabinet and door tightly.

    • CLOSE DOOR AND CABINET TIGHTLY The strong magnetic force ensures that the cabinet door and drawer to be shut tightly all the time. The magnetic force is powerful but it will not make it hard for you to open your cabinet, door or drawer.
      • EASY INSTALLATION The package includes strong 3M Adhesive Tape and screws. There are two installation options, depending on the surface you would like to apply on. For a quick and easy installation, you can use the adhesive tape to stick the magnets onto your cabinet, door or drawer. If you want the magnet to be extra secured, it is recommended to drill the magnet on your cabinet, door or drawer with the screws provided.
        • WIDE APPLICATION This magnet can be used on various furniture such as doors, cabinets, drawers, lids, sliding wardrobe doors, blinds and other household furniture. Any surfaces that can be stick on to, or drill on to, can use it.
        • LONG-LASTING DURABILITY This door magnet are made of stainless steel material that is anti-corrosion and rust proof. It will be safe for your furniture. High-quality stainless steel mounting screws are also included for a more secure installation.
          Blyke B., USA"I used this magnet to close my door and cabinet more securely. The magnetic force is enough to help on closing the door perfectly. Although small, but powerful and useful!"
        • ULTRA THIN DESIGN InnWiz Magnet Latch™ is only 4mm thick with a magnet force of 2kg. It will help closing the doors tightly without making any unwanted gaps between your door and cabinet.
        • Material:Stainless Steel + Magnet
        • Color:Silver
        • Magnet Force:2kg
        • Product Size: 1.6" x 0.7“ x0.1" (41MM x 17MM x 2.5MM)
1. Please allow 1-2 centimeters difference due to manual measurement.
2. Different screen display colors differently, the color of the actual item may vary slightly from images.
      • 3 Sets x InnWiz Magnet Latch™
        6 Sets x InnWiz Magnet Latch™

        Each set consist of:
        1x InnWiz Magnet Latch™
        2x 3M Adhesive Tape
        4x Screw
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FAQQ: Will this door magnet damage my furniture?
A: No, this door magnet is very thin and it can be installed without drilling screw holes by using the adhesive tape to install it.

Q: Will this door magnet makes it hard for me to open my door?
A: No, the magnetic is powerful just enough to keep the door and cabinet closed, but it will not be hard for you to open the door.

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