metal repair paste fills up holes and cracks
metal repair paste fix metal pipe leaks without having to wield
before and after using metal repair paste
before and after using metal repair paste
man hammering on metal pipe with metal repair paste on it
metal repair paste fix all leaks
metal repair paste can be polished, perforated, painted after full curing
instructions on using metal repair paste
man flaring metal repair paste that is heat resistant
metal repair repaste can resist extreme temperature changes
metal repair paste can be applied on pipe, heater, water tank, engine, radiator, household appliances, equipment
InnWiz Paste-N-Fix Metal Cream™
InnWiz Paste-N-Fix Metal Cream™

InnWiz Paste-N-Fix Metal Cream™

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Repair Any Metal With Just A Paste (No Welding Needed!)

Give your cracks and metal holes a new life with InnWiz Paste-N-Fix Metal Cream™! An alternative to torch-wielding, easily fill the rusted steel, busted pipes, any cracks or gaps on metal objects. Simply mix the paste together and create a long-lasting metal bond than ever. DIY metal repairs without needing to call any professionals!

With a powerful sealing bond, it can withstand extreme environments and stand to 150°C (302°F). After fully cured for about 4-6 hours, this metal paste can be drilled, shaped, machined, or sanded depending on your needs. Widely used for household repairs, automotive, fuel tanks, plumbing, marine, crafts, concrete and more. Get them today to save costs and patch up the metal cracks by yourself!

  • instant diy fix on metal holes and chips

    Skip the process of torch-wielding and save the cost! InnWiz Paste-N-Fix Metal Cream™ can easily fill any metal holes of busted pipes, rusted steel, or small gaps. Simply mix the paste, apply, and create a stronger and long-lasting metal bond.

  • Powerful Sealing BondAfter fully cured, this hardened metal paste can be drilled, shaped,  machined, or sanded. Designed to resist extreme environments, it sets to be a permanent stronger bond than the original metal.
  • Instant Paste and Seal: Just mix paste A and paste B with a 1:1 mixing ratio. Set the paste and fully cure in 4-6 hours. Before using the paste, make sure the surface is clean and dry.
  • Extreme Temperature ResistanceWithstand extreme temperatures between -60°C to 150°C (-76°F to 302°F). This metal paste repair can stand up to direct flame and increase the strength of metal cracks.
  • Widely ApplicableInnWiz Paste-N-Fix Metal Cream™ is widely used for household repairs, automotive, fuel tanks, plumbing, marine, crafts, concrete and more. Applicable on plastic, PVC, wood, concrete, ceramic, tile, and fiberglass.
    • Material:Silicone Sealant
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FAQQ: What is the surface material that would be best when I need to mix on this?
A: We would recommend you mix on cardboard, glass, or any surface that is smooth.

Q: Can I use this to repair a small hole in my steel pool filter?
A: Yes, you can use this to repair the steel pool filter. InnWiz Paste-N-Fix Metal Cream™ provides strong and lasting repairs for any metal surface.

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