InnWiz Pastry DecoSpray™
InnWiz Pastry DecoSpray™
InnWiz Pastry DecoSpray™
InnWiz Pastry DecoSpray™
InnWiz Pastry DecoSpray™
InnWiz Pastry DecoSpray™
InnWiz Pastry DecoSpray™
InnWiz Pastry DecoSpray™
InnWiz Pastry DecoSpray™

InnWiz Pastry DecoSpray™

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Spray on Glitters and Colors on Cakes Like a Pro

Make all desserts extra special with InnWiz Pastry DecoSpray™! Whether it’s birthday cakes or cupcakes, this cost-savings airbrush sprayer helps you apply edible paint or sprayglitters on sweet creations. Create beautiful cake with evenly color coating in minutes. Any beginners and professionals can do it!

Just pump this sprayer for colored mist and glitters to spread evenly on surfaces. This versatile manual airbrush set is made of food-grade materials. It’s durable, easy to use and perfect for long-term applications. Asides sweets, this airbrush is also an excellent tool for sugar art crafts, face painting or any need for an airbrush color effect. Get one of these to unleash creativity and give a professionally exquisite look for all homemade treats!

    • Cost-Savings Airbrush SprayNo need to spend fortune on expensive airbrush spray gun. With InnWiz Pastry DecoSpray™, any beginners and professional can instantly make blending, sharing and 3D effects on baked creations on their own!
      • Beautifully Even Cake Coat Create aesthetically pleasing cakes and desserts with InnWiz Pastry DecoSpray™! Simple airbrush technique that makes evenly flawless gradients and glitters to the homemade cake in minutes.
      • Precise Color & Glitter SprayThe manual airbrush gives full control over the pressure at any areas that you wish to apply! With a clear scale bottle, view how much more liquid is left and accurately controls the mix of powder and extract.
      • Easy to UseJust pull and press the sprayer, the food coloring powder or glitters will be sprayed out like mist, which is convenient to spread evenly on the cake surface and complete baking work instantly!
      • Widely ApplicableUse it to decorate cakes, cupcakes, muffins, sugar art and other sweet creations! Aside from sweets, it can be used as an airbrush for face and makeup painting.
      • Durably MadeMade from reliable food-grade material that is perfect for long-term application and safe to use. Ensure no leakage during the glitter or color spraying process by firmly securing the pump and tank!
        • Material: Food-grade ABS Plastic
        • Color: Pink
        • Product Size:1.38" x 9.65" x 4.72" (3.5CM x 24.5CM x 12CM)
1. Please allow 1-2 centimeters difference due to manual measurement.
2. Different screen display colors differently, the color of the actual item may vary slightly from images.
          • 1x InnWiz Pastry DecoSpray™ + 3 Scale Bottles
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Q: How to clean this product?
A: Please clean the scale bottles and pump separately. While cleaning the scale bottles, use a household cleaning brush to scrub with clean water. Whereas you can clean the pump by separating the straw head and tube body, use the cleaning brush with soap and water.

Q: What type of glitters should be used?
A: It’s highly recommended to use fine glitter, rather than coarse glitter to avoid clogging the pump. You can mix the glitter with alcohol (grain, vodka, white rum), clear extract (vanilla, lemon, butter) or an essence (rose, vanilla, etc.) to paint with airbrush.

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