InnWiz Press Lock™ (3 Pieces)
InnWiz Press Lock™ (3 Pieces)
InnWiz Press Lock™ (3 Pieces)
InnWiz Press Lock™ (3 Pieces)
InnWiz Press Lock™ (3 Pieces)
InnWiz Press Lock™ (3 Pieces)
InnWiz Press Lock™ (3 Pieces)
InnWiz Press Lock™ (3 Pieces)
InnWiz Press Lock™ (3 Pieces)
InnWiz Press Lock™ (3 Pieces)
InnWiz Press Lock™ (3 Pieces)
InnWiz Press Lock™ (3 Pieces)

InnWiz Press Lock™ (3 Pieces)

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Most modern days furniture has a handleless design, but this design makes it hard to find the opener of the drawer or cabinets sometimes which is annoying.  Drawers and cabinets in your house can be difficult to shut it tightly as the hinge of it will be loose while it ages. This may cause the cabinets opening on their own and unnecessary gaps which are irritating.

InnWiz Press lock™ is the perfect solution! Introducing the strong spring mechanism press locker that can help to shut almost all cabinets, drawers and door in the house tightly with just a press. It works well on all surfaces.

InnWiz Press Lock™ is very easy to install. Just position the press lock on your cabinet, drill in the screws provided in all four side to fully secure the press lock. Next, install the magnetic screw on the door of the cabinet or drawer to finish the installation. Get one now and close all your cabinet and door easily without using any handles or knobs.

      • OPEN AND CLOSE CABINETS AND DRAWERS WITHOUT HANDLE The built-in spring mechanism ensures that the cabinet and drawer can be shut tightly easily with just a simple push. Eliminates the need for door handles or door knobs which creates a clean and seamless look.
        • WIDE APPLICATION This magnet pusher can be installed and used on various furniture such as doors, cabinets, drawers, and other household furniture. It can make most of your cabinets and drawers go knob-free. Any surface that can be stick on to, or drill on to, can use it.
          • EASY INSTALLATION Mount four of the included screws on each holes provided to fully secure the press lock on your cabinet. The magnet tip can be adjusted to fit the cabinet tightly, so you will not have to worry about unnecessary gaps when you close your cabinet.
          • LONG-LASTING DURABILITY This press lock are made with aluminium alloy housing that is durable and waterproof. The heavy duty spring ensure its lifetime up to 100,000 uses. High-quality stainless steel mounting screws are also included for a more secure installation.
            Brant B., USA"I've installed this magnet pusher on my drawers and cabinet to make them handleless. The spring and magnet are strong enough to help on closing the cabinet door perfectly with just a push. Loved it very much!"
          • Material:Aluminium Alloy + Magnet
          • Color:Silver / Gold
          • Adjustable Magnet Tip:Up to 3MM
          • Product Size: 5.5" x 1.7" (140MM x 45MM)
1. Please allow 1-2 centimeters difference due to manual measurement.
2. Different screen display colors differently, the color of the actual item may vary slightly from images.
            • 1 Set x InnWiz Press Lock™ (Silver) 
              1 Set x InnWiz Press Lock™ (Gold) 
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FAQQ: How long will the magnet tip poke out?
A: It will extend up to 2.3" (60MM), reserve 2" at the front of the position of this press lock while installing to successfully activate the spring mechanism.

Q: Can it be installed on aluminium or glass doors?
A:Yes, if drilling is not an option for you, it can also be installed by placing adhesive tape (NOT INCLUDED) or double sided tape (NOT INCLUDED) behind of it to install it on your aluminium or glass door.

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