InnWiz Screw Hero™
InnWiz Screw Hero™
InnWiz Screw Hero™
InnWiz Screw Hero™
InnWiz Screw Hero™
InnWiz Screw Hero™
InnWiz Screw Hero™
InnWiz Screw Hero™
InnWiz Screw Hero™
InnWiz Screw Hero™

InnWiz Screw Hero™

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Facing a hard time removing stubborn or stripped screws? InnWiz Screw Hero™ is what you need to save the day. With this 2-in-1 screw extractor, it’s specially designed to drill and remove damaged or stripped screws in seconds. Suitable for screws, bolts, and other stuck fasteners.

Made from premium high-speed steel quality, these extractors create more efficiency and stable performance than any average extractors in the market. Its high durability and hardness promotes a long service life for domestic and industrial work. The set includes four compact-sized drills that are portable and easy to carry around. A great assistant in the toolbox, especially for constructors, handyperson, DIY makers. Get yours now and remove those stuck screws with ease today!

    • REMOVE BROKEN SCREWS EFFORTLESSLY Each screw extractor drills are designed specially to remove any broken or damaged studs. Spinout any stripped, rusted, jagged and other deck screws with minimal efforts.
      • TIME-SAVER With its 2-in-1 functionality, you can drill and remove any screws instantly without changing any other tools. Suitable for domestic and industrial work.
      • SUPERIOR-GRADE QUALITY Made of premium high-speed steel, it has higher density and hardness. It will create more efficiency and stable performance for drilling actions.
      • EASY TO USE2 easy steps is all you need to solve the problem.
        1. Select correct size drill bit, secure it to a driller and drill onto the screw.
        2. Using the same drill bit, change to the other end and put it back to the driller to unscrew it out.
Important Note:
1. Do not use it with hammer drill.
      • FOUR POCKET-SIZED DRILLS The screw extractor set comes with various sizes that work any drills and a variety of screws or fasteners. The compact-sized extractor makes it convenient, easier storage and portable to carry around.
Melody Newell., USA"I needed a small size extractor kit to get a snapped bolt out of my electric scooter. This kit worked great for this purpose."
      • WIDE APPLICATION Able to take out sliding tooth screw, broken bar, broken screw, rusty screw, hexagon socket bolts, square head screws, wood screws, mechanical screws, and other screws or fasteners.
        • GREAT ASSETS FOR ANY HANDY PERSON Whether you are a contractor, handyman, DIY makers, or just a homemaker, it is good to have this set to solve any screw issues. You can instantly take out any damaged screw and stay on track with the current project.
          • Material: Premium High-Speed Steel
          • Compatible With: Most handheld electric driller
          • Product Size(Shaft Length): 295MM / 11.61 Inches
1. Please allow 1-2 centimeters difference due to manual measurement.
2. Different screen display colors differently, the color of the actual item may vary slightly from images.
            • 1 SET OF InnWiz Screw Hero™
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Q: How do I remove screws with these extractors?
A: First, attach the screw extractor to the head of the electric drill. Place the extractor bit into the hole in the damaged screw firmly. Apply downward pressure on the extractor. Exchange to the other end of the drill bit and set the drill in reverse, low speed to remove the screw.

Q: What are these set extractors made of?
A: It is made from high-speed steel 4341 material. HSS material is known well-known for higher strength, cutting speed and provides good grind ability during production.

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