InnWiz SoapPiece
InnWiz SoapPiece
InnWiz SoapPiece
InnWiz SoapPiece
InnWiz SoapPiece
InnWiz SoapPiece
InnWiz SoapPiece

InnWiz SoapPiece

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This is a travel-friendly disinfectant soap sheets that allows you to wash your hands anywhere and anytime. InnWiz SoapPiece enhances personal hygiene by eliminating 95.99% of bacteria effectively! Just add water! Simple and convenient, which is very important now! 

To reduce possibility of falling ill simply just by washing your hands frequently with soap! Carry SoapPiece into the bag to play a good role in cleaning during work or child's school, effectively isolating viruses and bacteria. Prevention is so much better than cure!

      Place it in the palm of your hand and add water to make a foam. An excellent option for when travelling to places where soap is not available in the bathroom or restrooms
    • COMPACT & PORTABLEPocket-size paper soap is perfect for travel, business trip, camping, hiking, BBQ or any outdoor activities. Carry in the bag or pocket for daily use.
    • SAFE ON SKIN It is made of biodegradable pure natural essence with plant extract that is gentle to skin. It contained active decontamination factors that helps to effectively eliminate 95.99% of bacteria on hands.
    • no mess
      No more settling with just wiping your hands or washing it with just water. With each soap sheet enough for 1 handwashing, do not need to put the used soap back in into the container to avoid drip out
    • innovative design
      Comes with its own container (20 sheets per container) that fits right into your bag or pocket. Keep them in the purse or even in the car to wash your hands anytime and anywhere! 
Note: Please place them in a cool and dry place.
  • Step 1: Take one sheet of SoapPiece

    Step 2: Wet the SoapPiece with clean, running water

  • Step 3: Lather your hands by rubbing them together with the soap
    Step 4: Rinse your hands well under clean, running water
  • Johnny Copper, Las Vegas, US"This is so easy to use and convenient! I bring it everywhere I go as it is comes in very handy. "
    • Material: High-quality PP5
    • Size: 6cm x 4cm
    Note: 1. Please allow 2-3 cm difference due to manual measurement.
    2. Different screen display colors differently, the color of the actual item may vary slightly from images.
    • 3x Random 3 Boxes of InnWiz SoapPiece (20sheets per box)
    • 100% Money Back Guarantee*

    Q: Will the SoapPiece dry out under the sun?
    A: We would recommend to keep SoapPiece at a cool dry place.

    Q: Besides keeping it in my bag or pocket, where else can I keep this?
    A: There is a hook on the side of the box, you can hook it as a key-chain as well.

    * Please refer to our Refund Policy page