InnWiz Wiper Warrior™
InnWiz Wiper Warrior™
InnWiz Wiper Warrior™
InnWiz Wiper Warrior™
InnWiz Wiper Warrior™
InnWiz Wiper Warrior™
InnWiz Wiper Warrior™
InnWiz Wiper Warrior™
InnWiz Wiper Warrior™
InnWiz Wiper Warrior™
InnWiz Wiper Warrior™
InnWiz Wiper Warrior™
InnWiz Wiper Warrior™

InnWiz Wiper Warrior™

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Trying to stop windshield wipers from streaking? Fix your deformed wiper blades to perfection with InnWiz Wiper Warrior™! Save the money from buying new replacements. It clear-cuts any damaged wiper rubber in 30 seconds and restores new, sharp-edged back blades with a single stroke.

Featured with fine and coarse sanding grip, you can polish and recondition any branded wiper blades to its top peak performance anytime, anywhere. This 2-in-1 wiper restorer enhanced driving visibility under the rainstorm or blizzard. Easy to use, smooth application, and portable with its ergonomic and sleek design. Buy one today, it's time to take charge of your safety on the road!

    • REMOVE WINDSHIELD STEAKS IN 30 SECS Avoid costly and inconvenient replacements or repairs. Innwiz Wiper Warrior cuts off damaged or streaking or squeaking wiper rubber in 30 seconds and brings the original blades back to life again!
      • 2-IN-1 SANDING GRIP Feature with fine and coarse sanding strips, anyone can easily clean and sharpen the blades with this 2-in-1 wiper restorer for higher performance. Takes only a few strokes to extend 3 times wiper life!
      • EASY APPLICATION Simply remove the wiper from the car, grind 2-3 times smoothly and rinse the residue once done. Easy repair for a chattering windshield wiper at anywhere!
      • CLEAR VISION FOR DRIVE JOURNEY Imagine driving through a rainstorm or blizzard. This wiper restorer helps you to prioritize road safety and ensure a clear vision, with no water streaks throughout the driving journey.
      • SLEEK AND ERGONOMIC DESIGN Made with premium and durable alloy material. The sleek design and rounded corners help users to repair windshield wipers without injuring their hands.
Carmen L., USA"Something so simple that will keep your windshield wipers lasting a long time. Very easy to use and will save you money."
      • PORTABLE AND EASY STORAGE Comes with a lanyard to hang at anywhere. Compact-size and easy to carry and store in your bag or pocket.
      • FIT FOR ALL BLADES Applicable for all brands of windscreen wipers and vehicles such as trucks, cars, SUV etc. As long as it fits into the sanding strip, you can grind the wiper blades smoothly.
        • Material: Premium Alloy
        • Color: Silver / Grey
        • Product Size: 2.5 Inches x 0.5 Inches x 1.49 Inches (65MM x 13MM x 38MM)
1. Please allow 1-2 centimeters difference due to manual measurement.
2. Different screen display colors differently, the color of the actual item may vary slightly from images.
          • 1x InnWiz Wiper Warrior™
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Q: How many times do I have to apply?
A: It depends on the windshield wipers. If the wipers no longer make any proper contact with the windshield surface, squeaking, skipping, or reducing driving visibility, you can apply with this wiper restorer. If the wiper is damaged badly, it's recommended to get a replacement.

Q: Do I have to disassemble the wiper first?
A: Yes, you will need to remove the wipers first before beginning the process.

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