Agaze Oral-Swift Cleaner
Agaze Oral-Swift Cleaner
Agaze Oral-Swift Cleaner
Agaze Oral-Swift Cleaner
Agaze Oral-Swift Cleaner
Agaze Oral-Swift Cleaner
Agaze Oral-Swift Cleaner
Agaze Oral-Swift Cleaner
Agaze Oral-Swift Cleaner
Agaze Oral-Swift Cleaner

Agaze Oral-Swift Cleaner

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Goodbye Bad Breath, Hello Confident Smile!

Get rid of those yucky plaques at home


Agaze Oral-Swift Cleaner is specially designed to make plague removing an easy and painless procedure at home, at your own comfort. It’s ground breaking technology using 3000 microscopic vibration per min will effectively remove tartar, plaque and other stains from teeth.

Use Agaze Oral-Swift Cleaner now and get your bright and confidence smile with whiter teeth!


Save Money and Save Time
An average cost to dentist for teeth cleaning may cost USD70-$200. Reduce time spent at each visit as you can do it at home at your own free time. Cut down the hassle to make appointment and travelling.
Dr. Edward Brown, New York, USA"This product helps my patient to clean their harder to reach teeth and gum area at home. It's ultrasonic vibrates 3000 times per minute to help cleaning the plaque effectively. I would recommend this product to everyone that wants to achieve whiter and healthier teeth!"

Comfort and Non-invasive
Conveniently able to use it after brushing teeth, daily or even weekly at your own preference. The microscopic vibration is very gentle to the gums, minimizing bleeding and reduces fear of pain. There is 5-speed of vibration to choose from on Agaze Oral-Swift Cleaner to find one that suits the intensity preferred.

Able To Remove Tough Stains
Coffee, tea and wine stains are tough to be removed using toothbrush and toothpaste. Yellowish stains on teeth will affect a bright smile. Agaze Oral-Swift Cleaner will be able to remove stains with ease with its microscopic vibration.

Reaching To Hidden Areas In Teeth
Toothbrush has limitations to reach to certain hard to reach and hidden area in mouth to remove all food, stains and plaque. Agaze Oral-Swift Cleaner come with slim and long tip, eases the way to go into hidden areas and remove dirt easily.

Durable and Convenient
Come with USB built-in battery, rechargeable where ever you go. It is also waterproof, so you can use it with confident in your bathroom. Once done using it, quick rinse to wash it is all needed. Easy maintenance.

NOW is the time to take charge and change to gain back positive self-confident!

  • Sandra Michelle, New York, USA"I got rid of some plaque that built up on the back of my teeth between dental appointments. I was able to slowly reduce the calculus and plaque. My dentist commended what I was doing as it keeps my teeth and gum healthy."
  • Stella Starling, Los Angeles"I struggle with tartar and plaque build up all the time. This product keeps my mouth feeling fresh every day after i used them to clean my teeth and gum. It is so easy to use and the ultrasonic frequency really cleans away my plaque between my gum and teeth"
1. Do not expose this product under the sun for a long period and do not soak inside  water.
2. Keep away from children.
  • Material: Silicone + ABS + Alloy Steel
  • Colors: Aqua Blue / Rose Pink
  • Power Supply: Rechargeable Battery
  • Battery Current: 200mA
  • Product Size: 19 x 3 x 2cm
1. Please allow 2-3 cm difference due to manual measurement.
2. Different screen display colors differently, the color of the actual item may vary slightly from images.
  • 1x Agaze Oral-Swift Cleaner 1x User Manual 1x USB Cable
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee*

Q: How do i clean this device after using?
A: You can clean this device by using clean water, but make sure to not leave it inside the water for too long. Dry it after washing.

Q: How often should I use the device?
A: It is recommend to use it everyday after brushing your teeth. Use it to clean the narrow spot between your gum and teeth.

* Please refer to our Refund Policy page